Distinctive Product Design: BEADS — two unique pendant designs that resemble beads strung together to create hovering spheres of light that seem to float in space providing both direct and ambient lighting for commercial, hospitality, institutional and upscale residential interiors.

Design: Winnie Lui, lighting, product, jewelry designer, and silversmith, based in London.

Manufacturer: Innermost, London. Distributed throughout the U.S. and Mexico exclusively by IM Design Concepts, Old Lyme, CT.


Product Applications: BEADS pendants are suited for distinguished interior applications, contract and residential. These include casino, hotel, and restaurant interiors; building lobbies; merchandise showrooms; up-market retail boutiques; gallery and museum interiors; apartments, condominiums, and other discriminating residential installations.

Product Description: Winnie Lui’s BEADS creation links the quality of silversmith work with the technology of contemporary lighting design. The result is a jewel-like creation, appearing to be an assemblage of various colored sparkling shiny beads. Shadows cast by BEADS on walls or ceilings create a mesmerizing atmosphere wherever it suspends.

BEADS pendants are available in two sizes and shapes, each suited for different spaces.

  • Penta beads are arranged to form a sphere measuring 21.3-inches wide by 18.9-inches high. It suspends via a height-adjustable clear PVC cable from a matching 5-inch by 3-inch ceiling rose.
  • Octo’s beads are arranged to form an elongated sphere measuring 30.3-inches wide by 16.1-inches high. It suspends via a height-adjustable clear PVC cable from a matching 5-inch by 3-inch ceiling rose.

Construction and Finishes: BEADS pendants manufactured from spun stainless steel spheres linked with polycarbonate “spiders,” are available in Chrome, Copper, Gunmetal or White colors.

BEADS works with the following E26 15W bulbs:

  • E26 LED Globe-style, 500–800-lumen output; 2700K – 3000K color temperatures.
  • E26 LED Filament-style, 600–900 lumen output; 2200K – 2700K color temperatures.

About Innermost

Established in London in 1999 by co-founders Steve Jones and Russell Cameron to pursue a shared dream of unique but diverse lighting and furniture brands. They work with designers across the globe to
embrace a vivid diversity while striving to be “as British as London itself.” Today, Innermost exists in bringing together diverse elements of design taste and quality with a non-conformist attitude.

A Brief History of BEADS

Inspired by her surroundings, Winnie Lui has always been infatuated by new and vintage toys and the small details people overlook in everyday objects that are beautiful but seem unimportant.

In 1997, working with Innermost, Winnie designed then incorporated an imaginative bead-like jewelry accessory into an impressive chandelier made out of white toys and other everyday objects. Innermost subsequently introduced a limited edition of her White Chandelier Series.

The bead-like ornament in the White Chandelier captivated Innermost so much that they worked with Winnie to enlarge it and ultimately it was introduced to the market as the BEADS pendant.

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