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Valencia Spain, 1943: From modest means, and in the throes of World War, the founder, Antonio Almerich Villanueva, launched his company. What began as a small, yet optimistic operation of traditional lighting fixtures has since evolved over three-quarters of a century into a modern mastery of exceptional contemporary lighting collections.

Each product is crafted in the original location on the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian peninsula where Antonio Almerich launched his firm.  

“A new story. A new light.”


The company was founded in 1981 in Markina located in the Basque Country in the Northern Iberian Peninsula. Over the years, B.lux has brought to market an impressive number of award-winning designs including; B.lux System, Varoca, Marc, and the Tree series.

Today, B.lux still operates from the picturesque town of Gizaburuaga from its state-of-the-art facilities that include manufacturing, warehousing, and an impressive 2,000 square-foot showroom. B.lux is recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of contemporary lighting and has enjoyed recognition and awards for Regina, Olsen, and Kanpazar.



In 1999 Central London, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron gave up their jobs within design consultancy to pursue a shared dream of a unique but diverse lighting brand.

From their humble beginning in an old lighting factory in North London, they had worked with designers from across the globe who called London their home. And even today they continue to embrace that vivid diversity, striving to be ‘as British as London itself’ – that is to say very British and yet adaptable with a global vision. 

Supplying taste and quality with a non-conformist attitude.

“Light is a Material”


EOQ as a brand is rooted in a spirit of enquiry and industrial adventure. Deliberately positioned to make use of new frontiers of manufacturing and innovation, EOQ delivers classic design principles using a new and constantly evolving vocabulary.

Behind EOQ is Michael Young, British born and now Hong Kong based, who looks back at a career that spans over 20 years establishing himself as one of the world’s leading figures in his trade. The uniqueness of Michael’s work lies in his constant questioning of typologies and habits, combined with the pioneering passion for technology that eventually brought him to Asia.

Patrizia Volpato

Patrizia Volpato, founder and artistic director of the company, was raised in her father’s glass blowing workshop in Venice.  In 1980, Ms. Volpato established her company and her collections soon became popular with the classical and elegant style inherited from Venetian culture and history.  Handcrafted Murano glass and precious crystal represent the key elements in the varied collection ranging from classical to modern styles.

With more than 30 years of experience, the practice of blending the Italian glass crafting tradition with high-tech materials has become the primary focus of the company. Patrizia Volpato began to design more large-scale lighting installations, expressing the craftsmanship of the Venetian masters in its innovative designs. Each piece is a bespoke creation specially designed do perfect its environment.

“If you can imagine it, we can make it happen.”